Creating a project focused on safer substance use in modern society is vital to reduce harm, combat stigma, minimize the black market, empower individuals to make informed choices, and ultimately improve public health and community well-being. Such initiatives prioritize human rights and aim to address the complex challenges associated with substance use.

S4F3U53 enables the safe and controlled use of substances. Imagine a world where drugs and medications are legal and regularly consumed without stigma, ensuring the protection of users becomes even more crucial. This is achieved through ingredient control, the prevention of the black market, and exclusive sales through the S4F3U5E app.

The app provides an overview of one's own consumption, the availability of “dealers”, and important bodily functions. If a dangerous limit is exceeded or the user feels the need to talk to someone or requires assistance, there is an option to make an “emergency call”. In this envisioned utopia, such a call is directed to a support facility comparable to a counseling hotline or similar services in the current world.

Berlin 2022

in collaboration with
Emilia Lühe and
Katharina Häring

Application Prototype


supervised by
Andreas Ingerl

Univesity of Applied
Sciences Berlin

Emilia Gentis 2023