Mycelium or mycelia are the fine, thread-like branched structures of fungal webs that grow underground or in other organic materials. They constitute the actual body of the fungus and serve various crucial functions in the ecosystem.

These webs are capable of much more than just transporting resources such as carbon compounds, nutrients, or water between other plants. In addition to toxins, bacteria, and genetic elements, they can also transmit hormones that regulate plant growth and development through shared mycorrhizal networks.

This installation explores the possibility of transmitting electrical impulses through fungal networks to facilitate communication between plants and fungi, along with its potential implications. Research aims to deepen our understanding of mycelial networks and their roles in complex ecosystems, and it's just the beginning...

...there is still so much more to uncover.
Berlin 2023

in collaboration with
Anna Lena Reisinger and Marie von Egglofstein


3D print
PVC hose
Fishing line

supervised by Alexander Müller-Rakow and Marina Porras Chassignet

Univesity of Applied Sciences Berlin

Showcased at University of Applied Sciences Berlin during Berlin Design Week

Emilia Gentis 2023